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 35  Years of Professional Music Experience !

       As a multi-award winning Nashville Accredited Recording Studio, we have a plethora of experience and

a star-studded portfolio to prove it:

  • Charted 2,  #1 Country Music Singles
  • Charted 8,  TOP 10 Country Music Singles

  • International Music Concert Liaison to:
  • Japan, Australia, England, France, China & Africa. 

At STEPPING STONE PRODUCTIONS, our professional recording studio staff regularly helps artists and companies of all kinds to produce songs they can be proud of. Although we are based in Texas, we have had the pleasure of working with artists from throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Our radio song releases have been aired successfully in more than 34 Countries around the world!

We are also a TEXAS  SOUND  MASTERING  HOUSE for many nation-wide professional recording studios in addition to traditional offerings such as CD Duplication, National Artist Promotion, Music Video Production and
Radio Music Marketing. 

When editing we use Pro Tools 12 and Adobe Audition as our main D.A.W, including literally thousands of digital post FX and mixing algorithms.