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More Than Just Music Production !

At STEPPING STONE PRODUCTIONS we constantly strive to achieve great music and hit songs. We go above and beyond at our studio location in Corpus Christi, Texas to create video and musical projects that people can relate to & filmography audiences can truly connect with.

Our experienced team is passionate about bringing each music project to life with the help of a fresh perspective on  individual artist development . We have created specific movie soundtracks for classics such as the Las Vegas 

“Tribute to John Wayne Movie” as well as our 8, TOP 10 Country Songs and  2, #1 Country Charting Songs.  We are adamant about continuing to team up with various talented Recording Artists and Top National Companies with a World Vision to acquire larger media audiences to ultimately increase CD and MP3 web sales.

Our founder, Rod Raines, has 36 Years of multi-level professional music industry experience and a list of accomplishments to show for it. As a team leader, his expertise translates into our recording and video studios which enable us to keep producing better music all of the time.  

Rod's personal total overseas CD sales from 2001 to 2008 exceeded 654,000 units!  That equates to several $ MILLION $ of Music Royalties in just 7 years!  Combined career CD sales have to date exceeded 1,700,000 units in the United States!

If your musical dream is to achieve financial success here in the U.S. and/or International musical recognition, call Rod today to schedule a private meeting and consultation to discuss a plan of action for your musical goals.

Rod's  Musical  Accolades:
  • #1 Charting Artist in England, Italy & Australia
  • #2 Charting Artist in Spain, Portugal & New Zealand
  • 121,000+  Personal Career Studio Recordings
  • 19 Years of U.S. + World Touring Experience

  • Overseas Concert Tours in 10 Countries
  • Produced 8,  TOP TEN Country Gospel Singles
  • Produced 2,  #1 Charting Country Singles
  • Over 620 CD Projects Produced as of 2017